Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

This Week's Ebay Offerings

I am happy to say that every doll I offered on Ebay last week (except one) found a new home!  Only poor Kelsey, with her cute little bobbed hair, is still waiting.  I reassured her that somebody out there wants just may take a bit more time!
She really is beautiful.  Her green eyes are gorgeous!  I dropped her price a bit this time around, so we'll see.  If she still doesn't sell, I may end up rewigging her.  I think she'd look great as a red head.  If I rewig her, I'll probably fall in love with her more and end up keeping her.  'Sigh'.  I'm trying so hard to let dolls go, but it's difficult...they just grow on you!

Here we have "Boo" from the Disney Pixar movie Monster's Inc.  She stands 16" tall and is just cute as a button.  When you push her tummy, she says many different phrases from the movie in her Boo voice, and giggles so adorably you can't help but smile!
She was missing her original shirt when I found her, so I recreated it from an old baby onesie in the right color and it turned out great!  I'm forcing myself to learn how to sew with knits--not my favorite, but I'm gradually getting better.  By the way, baby and toddler clothing is a great resource for knit fabric in darling, small scale prints.  Our local fabric stores have next to nothing in cute knits, especially anything with a print on it, so I have discovered that picking up cheap kids' clothing at the thrift stores is the way to go.  While Boo's shirt is a solid color, I have bought many, cute prints lately in the hopes of cranking out some leggings, t-shirts, etc.  Hopefully, I'll have a post on that coming soon!
She's a mischievous one, that's for sure!
Before I knew it, she had climbed a tree, the little stinker!

Here is another, 16" doll from Disney, but this is from their Toddler Animator series:
Sweet Rapunzel
I've come across quite a few of these lately, but this one has the most perfect hair!  So soft and long and silky.  I'm tempted to keep her for myself.
Have you seen the repaints that talented people do on these Animator dolls?  No?  Just browse for these dolls on Pinterest, and you'll see what I mean.  I was blown away by what some people can do with a paintbrush!

I have another BFC Ink Kaitlin this week as well:
She is just beautiful, and has near perfect hair.
Even though she also comes with her original dress, I decided to make her a dress of my own, too.  Yellow just looks so pretty on her.

And here we have a Bleuette reproduction doll:
I have a great story about how I came across this doll, but I will save it for a future post!  Here's another photo of this cutie:
Somebody crocheted an entire outfit for her--dress, bloomers, socks, shoes, and purse.  I'm jealous.  I wish I could crochet like that.

And last but not least, more babies:
This is a vintage, Berjusa baby girl (she's anatomically correct!) that I bought way back in the '80's when I was a teenager.  I also bought her "twin", a little boy, which I sold a while back.
I remember using my babysitting money to buy real baby items for these dolls, like diapers and onesies, etc.  I loved how realistic they seemed!

Berenguer makes some of the best baby dolls, like this 20" cutie:
She can suck her thumb!  And she's so huggable and squishy!
She wears her original romper.

This 20" baby is a Berenguer look-a-like:
She can suck her thumb, too.
She also wears her original outfit of very nice quality.

Once again, my Ebay seller name is dotsydoodle, in case you want to check out my auctions.  I've been having so much fun listing and selling stuff lately, that I rewarded myself by ordering the doll I spoke about in the last post:
"Azalea" by Zwergnase!  It'll probably be another 7-10 days before she arrives (she's coming all the way from England), so I'm trying to be patient.  But I can hardly wait!  Isn't she just the cutest little thing?  I'm excited to add another red head to my collection.  I will definitely post a review once she arrives.  Until next time!


  1. Oh how I love dolls! What a great post!! I love to see what you're up to!

    1. Thanks so much! It's nice to see that somebody reads my blog...sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself!