Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

8" Tonner Alice in Wonderland Doll

A few weeks ago, I attended a doll luncheon whose theme was "Falling Down the Rabbit Hole".   Imagine...a get-together with other doll lovers, centered entirely on Alice in Wonderland!  You didn't have to ask me twice if I wanted to attend, especially when I found out that the  souvenir all the attendees would receive was an 8" doll by Robert Tonner.  I love Tonner dolls, and I was sure I'd love this little Alice as well.  She did not disappoint:

8" of perfection from the top of her blond head to the soles of her cute, little Maryjane shoes.

I also found this adorable little hutch at Goodwill shortly after the luncheon...I thought it might be the perfect scale to use as a prop with little Alice.  It's plastic, but ornately modeled, so it really appealed to me.  The bottom doors are actually a drawer that pulls out, so one could store items down there if needed.  I just thought it would be a cute place to display the china Alice tea set (bottom shelf) that I picked up at Tuesday Morning a few months ago.

It's only three pieces--a plate, a cup & saucer (which are molded together),and a teapot with non-removable lid.  For some reason, I was having trouble getting my camera to keep all three items in focus, so this picture focuses on the plate...

...while this one focuses on the teapot:
Tuesday Morning used to get lots of great deals on dolls and collectible china sets like this one, but lately I don't find as much good stuff there anymore.

I think Alice looks right at home in front of this hutch.

This Alice has lovely, blue painted eyes and a silky, thick wig.   Her arms can lift out at the sides as well as up and down.  Another nice feature about this little cutie is that she has jointed knees!

"Oh, no!  Dinah, you are not to be up there!" 
(I think Alice's cat Dinah is usually portrayed as a dark colored kitten, but this little, china, Siamese cat was the only one I had available)

I love miniatures.  I bought this little kitty with my own money when I was a child.  My father built me a dollhouse, and I spent countless hours playing with it.  This little kitty was one of the "pets" in my dollhouse.

"No, Dinah, you mustn't!"

"You come down from there right now!"

Alice needed to drag over a chair in order to reach her naughty kitty!

Finally!  Safe in her lap at last.  Here you can see the way Alice's little knees can bend when she's sitting.

The week following the Alice luncheon, my doll club had our monthly meeting at a local tea house.  We all donned hats (provided by the restaurant!) and used our best manners (just kidding...I think we were all having too much fun for our own good!)  Here I am with my youngest, who got to come along on this excursion.

She brought along one of her favorite baby dolls, a vintage Corolle doll.

And I brought along Alice, who started to get into quite a bit of mischief, what with perching on things like teapots and the like.

She thought the sugar cubes looked tasty, and besides, one never knows if they might come in handy at a later date if she nibbled at one and it caused her to grow taller...

This little Alice is simply adorable.  I love her petite size, her serene expression, her bendable knees, and her detailed outfit.  She makes a delightful addition to my Alice collection.


  1. How adorable! Little Alice and her accessories are very sweet. :o)