Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Monday, May 23, 2016

New Ebay Listings, ending May 29th!

Here are the dollies I've listed on Ebay this week:

First up, two 18" Madame Alexanders and one Cititoy Doll

The Cititoy doll is in the middle.  I believe she is the style of doll that has replaced the Madame Alexander Play dolls at Walmart and other stores. I think she is usually called "My Life As..."

I made the dresses for the two brunettes using this pattern:
I made view A, but I gathered the skirt instead of pleating it.  It fit really well, except the armholes were a bit tighter than I liked, so I cut them about 1/4" bigger all around.

18" Platinum Blonde 2007 Madame Alexander:
Isn't she just so angelic looking?  Her dress is a simple sundress in which I drafted the pattern myself.

This is my standard, go-to pattern for dressing all the naked dolls I find at the thrift stores.  I can make one from start to finish in about an hour!

She has soft, beautiful, curls.  Not good for child's play, but nice for a collector!

18" Brunette 2009 Madame Alexander

I was getting kind of bored with making the same sundress over and over, so I hauled out my patterns and found this cute drop-waist style I mentioned above.  I love how it turned out!

Pretty hair

When I first came across this little lady, I thought she was a Madame Alexander doll as well.  But her tag says "Cititoy".  I think she is part of the "My Life As..." doll line that stores like Walmart carries.  She is very pretty!

I love the colors of her dress.  Sewing for all these doll has been helping to make a teeny tiny dent in my fabric stash.  Not really noticeable to the naked eye, but I haven't had to buy any fabric at all to make clothes or quilts in a very long time.  "Ahem".  I may have a fabric addiction.  But there could be worse addictions, right?!?

The hair on this doll is so pretty. 

18" Vinyl and cloth toddler doll by Pauline Bjonness Jacobsen.  She is in mint condition, with an all original, hand-smocked dress, bloomers, slip, socks, shoes, and matching headband.  I can't believe that she didn't lose any of these pieces when she was thrown in among the toys on the Goodwill shelves!

Cute little face with stationary eyes.  She has vinyl limbs and head, and a soft stuffed, cloth body.

Another gorgeous head of ringlets!

Two, 17" singing Disney Princess Dolls, SNOW WHITE & ARIEL

She is so pretty.  Snow White is one of my favorite Disney characters.  She comes with batteries and sings "Whistle While You Work" when you press the button on her hand.

Pretty face

She has a complete outfit, down to her original shoes!

Not to be outdone by Snow White, here is Miss Ariel!  She also has her original dress, the pink dinner gown which is a bit harder to find.  No shoes.  I think she came with them originally, but everybody knows that Ariel is more comfortable running around barefoot!

She sings "Part of Your World"

Love her hair, too!

Finally, I have a lot of 12 LIV dolls by Spin Master.  There are 5 complete Liv outfits, 3 pairs of boots, and 3 wigs.  Some of the dolls have earrings.  These are really neat, poseable dolls.  My youngest likes to play with them until they sell.  They can fit into Barbie clothes.  Funny thing, as much as I love dolls, I never really liked Barbies.  Nothing personal; I always just preferred my baby/little girl dolls more.  I guess I've never been into fashion dolls.  The closest I've come to owning fashion dolls are the 17" Disney singing princess dolls.  But I think I only like those because of the characters they represent.  That said, I can see why people like these Liv dolls, though!  They have many points of articulation and removable wigs.  I think people also swap out their heads with other dolls.  The doll collecting hobby is so fascinating!

My ebay seller name is dotsydoodle, in case you're interested!


  1. Nice!! I've been considering thinning out my collection... You've inspired me to try I think! I've given away a lot of dolls but maybe I'll be more brave and try eBay again. Hmmm...

    1.'s very easy for the dolls to start multiplying and taking over every available surface! I want to be able to really enjoy the ones I have, and maybe have at least one example of each type of doll, rather than lots of the same. That said, I keep looking at all my American Girls (I think I have 13 or so?), trying to figure out which ones I could possibly let go, and just when I think I've narrowed it down to putting some on the auction block, I can't do it! Dolls have a way of developing these little personalities and just growing on you! But I really do enjoy finding dolls at the thrift stores and fixing them up for sale...I enjoy them temporarily, knowing that I am just their "foster mother", and then sending them on to their new homes. Plus, it gives me a little spending money for new dolls...!