Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Monday, July 17, 2017

Recent Dolly Treasures from Local Shows

Sometimes I don't blog for awhile because I don't think I have anything of interest to share.  And then I go to an antique show, like I did this past weekend, and realize that I never showed you things I brought home from the antique show before that one!  Oh, well.  Better late than never, I suppose.  Anyway, doesn't this group make you happy?
I've had the buggy in my collection for several years and showed it to you before, so it isn't new.  But it was the perfect height to go along with my new SHIRLEY TEMPLE doll I just bought this past weekend!  I also found the pink bunny and the little Kathe Kruse doll at the same show.  The mini bears in the buggy and the stuffed kitten are from previous shows.
Shirley Temple--she's been a favorite of my mine ever since I was a little girl and watched all of her old, black and white movies which I recall playing on Saturday afternoons.  As I grew older and realized there were dolls made in her likeness, I wanted one SO BAD.  I had the cutest, 11" composition Shirley in my collection for several years, but finally sold it a while back, thinking I needed to clear out some dolls to make room for new ones.  MISAKE!  I've missed her ever since.  I really don't know what I was thinking.  So when I stumbled across this 13" composition cutie at the antique show this past weekend, I immediately knew she had to come home with me.  She is in really good condition, with minimal crazing.  Her eyes are clear and bright with no missing lashes.  She has a full, soft, mohair wig with those famous curls.  Her former owner made her a reproduction dress and undies which are very nicely done.  Her stringing has come a little loose, so she can't stand unaided.  But I just happen to have a good friend (hi, Donna!) who will help me restring her.  She just makes me so happy!
Her mohair wig is in beautiful shape.  Many times, these dolls have crushed and matted wigs from being in storage, so I am very pleased that this isn't the case with this doll.
Her outfit is adorable, and a copy of the original.  Shirley Temple outfits are usually tagged, so when I didn't find a tag on this one, I knew it had been handmade.  I will be replacing the synthetic, pink bows with silk ribbon ones, just to make the dress more authentic.
Here are the little friends that Shirley wanted to push in the buggy.  Forgive me if I have shown them to you before, but I don't think I have.  They are both newer, artist made bears, sewn from mohair.  They are jointed at their hips, shoulders, and neck.  The cream-colored bear is 5 1/2", and the pink one stands just 3 1/4"!
They make perfect props for smaller dolls.
How cute is he?  Even though it's pink, I still think of it as a "he".  Maybe it's the expression?  There's no tag, so I don't know who made him.  But he's a mid-century toy for certain.  So cute.  He will be a perfect decoration in an Easter basket next spring.  He's about 15" to the tip of his ears.
Don't you just love that expression?  The vendor where I bought this rabbit had another, smaller one.  I almost bought it, too, but decided one was enough.  Now I wish I had brought it home as well.  It was white and made in Japan.  I'm finding that I've become a sucker for vintage, stuffed animals.
I couldn't believe my good fortune when I found this 10 1/2" Kathe Kruse baby!  He's a limited edition, probably made for a doll convention.  According to his wooden hang-tag, his name is "Paul" and he is number 52 out of 75 made back in 2003.  His body is a very, firmly stuffed cotton, and his head is a hard material (new composition, resin?) which is softly hand-painted like the originals.  I love him.  My German grandfather's name was Paul, so this seems like he was meant to become a part of my doll family!  I have looked and looked on the internet for another like him, but have found nothing yet.  He was part of such a small production, that I may never see another like him again.
His stuffed friend is this sweet, well-loved kitty I picked up at a local antique store a few months back.  I just couldn't leave it behind!  Anything miniature tugs at my heart strings.  Throw in the fact that it's a vintage, stuffed animal, and you don't have to twist my arm!
So, those are some of my recent treasures.  I'm sure there are more I haven't told you about!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Madame Alexander Travel Friends Story Land Doll--Alice in Wonderland!

While browsing my local Tuesday Morning a couple of days ago, I stumbled across a few of these Madame Alexander Travel Friends Story Land dolls.  I was really excited to find Alice in Wonderland, as she is one of my favorite Disney characters!
Here she is, still in her box.  As you can see, I got her for a really good deal, considering that her original, retail price was $15!
Little Miss Alice stands approximately 7 1/2" tall.
The back of her box shows all of the characters in this line.  My Tuesday Morning also carried a Cinderella, a Little Mermaid, a Starry Princess, and a Fairy Princess, but Alice was the one I wanted most of all.  I almost bought Cinderella, but she's so similar in coloring to Alice that I decided to pass.  Now, if they would have had "Beauty" (Belle), I would have snapped her up in an instant.  She's adorable!
She was quite easy to remove from her box.  Here she is, still attached to the cardboard liner.  I only had to remove two pieces of clear tape and undo one twisty tie to completely free her.  Not bad.
Free at last!  She can stand on her own.
Beautiful, long, wavy hair.
Because she has hinged knees and elbows, she can sit in more lifelike positions than most dolls.  I think this is a really impressive feature for such a small, relatively inexpensive doll.
She can even kneel, as long as her feet can hang over the edge.
She has molded underwear.
Her dress is cute and has lots of detail, but mine has a flaw where the skirt is attached to the waistband...part of it got tucked up when it was sewn to the bodice, making it hang funny and shorter than the rest of the skirt.
Here's the other side of the skirt, which looks just fine.  Just thought I'd mention this, in case you go hunting for your own doll.  Look at them all and compare before picking one out so you can avoid flaws such as this one.  However, for a $5 doll, I'm not upset.  In fact, I'll probably pick out the seam myself and just reattach it properly.
Just for fun, I decided to pose her next to my other Alice, a Robert Tonner Doll.  The Tonner doll is much more expensive and has a better made outfit.  Only her knees are jointed while her arms are not.  While she is a better quality than my new Alice, I really do love them both the same!  I actually think that I prefer the face on the Madame Alexander version more. 
They are both the same height--7 1/2", and have jointed knees.  The Tonner doll has a better quality, more detailed outfit, but the MA Alice has jointed elbows.  Both have nice hair.  Both have removable shoes, but Tonner Alice also has nice stockings.  They each have nicely painted faces with different expressions--Tonner Alice is more serious, while MA Alice is more sweet. 
For the price (and you can't beat $5!), I think the MA Alice is a wonderful, little doll.  She's easy to pose, a nice size, and just looks so cute.
There were two, other Alice dolls in the Tuesday Morning when I bought my doll...I stood them all up, side by side, and studied their faces carefully.  I wanted to make sure that I got one with the best facial painting.  All three were slightly different, so I'm glad I checked!  However, I didn't think to check the workmanship on the clothing, or I might have noticed the flaw with the skirt.  In any case, I am really pleased with this little doll.  I think she's a great doll for children, as well as adults!   If you are fortunate enough to have a Tuesday Morning in your area, check them out.  They frequently have wonderful dolls at great prices.  You never know what you'll find!