Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gotz Classic Kidz Louisa!

Today, as a winter storm raged outside, we cozied up to the fire in our woodstove...
...and enjoyed cups of fresh snow...
...and ventured outside every few minutes to monitor the snowfall.
While the kids were super-excited about the wintery weather, my day was made when the mailman came up to the door with a package.  And not just any order from Petalina in England had finally arrived!
Meet "Louisa", a Classic Kidz doll by Gotz.  Isn't she beautiful?  I finally took the plunge and ordered her online almost a month ago.  This doll isn't sold  in the USA, but when I spotted her on a blog, I knew I had to have her.  After doing some research, I discovered the British online doll store, Petalinadolls, AND they were having a sale!  It was meant to be.  The only downfall was waiting for her to make it across the ocean and over to my house.
Shipping took a little over 3 weeks, one of which was spent waiting to get through US customs.  It seemed to take forever!
The back of her box, completely written in German, which makes perfect sense since Gotz is a German doll manufacturer!  I was able to practice my German and am proud to say I understood almost all of it.
Here she is, straight out of her box.  Her hair is still pulled back in a ponytail in this photo, with another smaller ponytail in the front.  She stands approximately 18" tall and is completely made of vinyl.  She is much slimmer than the American Girl dolls, so while she can probably wear some of their clothes, they won't be able to wear hers.  One of the unique things about these dolls is that they are also jointed at the knees and elbows, making them very poseable.
I am in the middle of sewing a dress for another, slim-bodied Gotz doll I own, which I believe will also fit Louisa.  I plan on finishing it tonight and will post pictures later.
The picture above shows more of the Classic Kidz in this collection.  I love them all!
Sophie couldn't wait to get "Louisa" out of her box.  I have to admit that it thrills me to no end that my daughter loves dolls as much as I do! 
We freed her hair from it's ponytails and marveled at how thick and shiny it was.  Gotz doll hair is made so nicely that the manufacturer states it can be treated like real hair--even using a curling iron on it!  I doubt I will ever try that (sounds a little scary!), but it's nice to know that it's so durable.
In closing, I love this doll.  I think she is a great play doll for children, as well as an awesome collectible for adults.  Check her out, along with other wonderful dolls, at .
Until next time, hope you're staying warm and cozy, wherever you live!


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