Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Friday, February 7, 2014

Play Suit for a 211 Kestner

, I finished the dress for my slim-bodied Gotz I mentioned in my last post, and it looks darling!  However, you will have to wait until tomorrow to see pictures, since it was getting dark by the time I got around to taking photos, and the lighting was terrible.  In the meanwhile, I thought I'd show you a reproduction outfit I sewed back in November for a friend's antique doll:
Kestner 211
Isn't he just the cutest?  This is an antique Kestner (one of my favorite antique doll makers), mold 211.  He stands just 11" tall and is all original on a jointed, composition body.  I've never seen this mold number on this type of body before--they are usually on a 5 piece, bent limb baby body, or a slant hip toddler body.  This one, however, happened to be on a regularly jointed body.  The members of my doll club debated the originality of it, but we finally determined that it most likely was original, based on how well the head fit in the socket, and how the wear on the head matched the wear on the body.
Rear view
I found the pattern for this play suit in an old issue of Doll Reader magazine which I had clipped many years ago.  I had saved it for all these years because I thought it was so cute.  When my friend asked me if I could dress her doll, I knew exactly the pattern I was going to use!
The three piece outfit consists of a hat, knickers, and a belted tunic.  The fabrics came from my stash.
I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  It fits him to a tee!  My friend loved it, too.
The blue checked fabric is 100% cotton, and it is edged with white linen.  It closes with real buttons.  The knickers have an elastic waist. 
It was fun to have him in my possession for a little while!

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