Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Doll Show Treasures and Other Goodies

I was able to attend a doll show this past weekend and found many wonderful things!  Unfortunately, the contents of my wallet didn't match the desires of my heart, so I didn't buy much.  But I did walk away with a few things that I'm very happy about.  Like this crocheted dress for a sweet, little all-bisque, antique doll that's been standing naked in my display cabinet for the past year:
She has no markings, but was most likely made by Kestner.  She stands just 4 1/2" tall.  I was going to make her a dress once, but I hate sewing things that tiny.  So when I found this lovely, handmade, crocheted dress by a talented vendor at the show, I had to have it.  And it was only $7.00!  What a deal.
There are even tiny buttons that close the bodice back.
This little guy is one I'd never seen before.  He is made by the White Balloon co.  He has a soft, stuffed body, and vinyl limbs and head.  He stands 13 1/2" tall, and I think he looks like the perfect little brother for the AG's.
I love his face!
When we visited the AG store last month, my daughter decided that she wanted to receive Rebecca for her uncoming birthday.  So I've been deciding how I'm going to make that happen.  I wasn't opposed to buying one new, but by the time you add on the cost of state sales tax and maybe shipping, it made the finished product more than I wanted to spend for a five year old!  So I was more than excited when I happened to spy this beauty in the corner of a vendor's booth:
She didn't come in her original outfit (I think she may be wearing a Samantha dress), but she was in perfect condition otherwise.  And at only half the cost of what she would have cost brand new, I snapped her up!
Look at her lovely curls.
After the doll show, I decided to stop at Target on my way home and browse the toy aisle.  I had been hearing lots of good reviews about the doll outfits for the Our Generation line, so that's where I headed first.
I'm not one to ever buy outfits for my dolls, because I always figure that I can make something much nicer for much cheaper.  But I fell in love with this outfit and had to bring it home:
It's a four piece outfit called "Shall Oui Go?"  It consists of a red, knit beret, yellow knit mittens, black cloth boots with red fur trim, and a fully lined coat.  The coat closes with Velcro and a waist tie.  I was really impressed with how well it is made.
The hat is super adorable.  I want one in my size!
Here you can see that boots close in the back with Velcro.
Not the best picture for showing the detail, but these boots are made from a soft, velveteen-like material.
My only complaint would be with the mittens...while I think they are cute, they are much too short.  I would have liked to see them made at least 3/4" longer so that there wouldn't be a gap between the mittens and the sleeve.  But the mittens are connected to each other with a long, black cord that runs up each sleeve and around your dolls neck, so they can't be lost!  A nice touch.  I believe I paid around $16 for this.
And last, but not least, I found these cuties.  Have you heard of Mooshkas?
I had seen the larger, all cloth versions for many months, but never had any interest in them.  However, when I spied these tiny (3 1/2") tall cuties, I couldn't resist!  What is it about tiny things? They are adorable!  I'm not sure what they are made of (maybe some type of resin?) but they kind of feel like wood.  They are jointed at their hips and shoulders.
Each Mooshka doll comes with a little companion.  How cute is this teeny pink owl?!?
I chose this Mooshka because I wanted her itty bitty white swan!
Here is the last one I got, still in the box.  All three were meant for my daughter's upcoming birthday, but she happened to discover them before I could really hide them. (Stinker!)  So the first two were opened before I could stop her.  This last one I will tuck away.  I think there are around six dolls in this series, each with a different name and little pet.  They can't stand on their own because of their pointed feet, but I don't care.  The wings are removable on the fairy dolls, but the skirts are not.  I like these so much better than the mini Lalaloopsies, which my daughter also owns.  While the Lalas are cute, I think the Mooshkas are sweeter.  Their colors are more muted and I think they are painted in such a way to evoke the simplicity of a cloth doll.
Who says that the toy aisles are just for kids?!

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