Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Friday, April 13, 2012

Feliz Party Dress

I bought this book over a year ago, for the sole purpose of making the dress that is featured on the front cover--The Feliz Party Dress. I had seen many beautiful versions of this dress all over the internet, and I just had to make one myself! Unfortunately, the pattern was no longer available on it's own, but it was included in this lovely book that I bought from Amazon.

This pattern is NOT for the inexperienced seamstress. It isn't hard to construct, but the directions in the book are vague. I found several tutorials online that explained the construction step-by-step, and these were much more helpful than the book. This dress consists of an underdress and an overdress which are sewn together at the top. Side ties and back elastic hold in the fullness--no zipper or buttons needed!

My favorite part about this dress is the ruffles! They are so cute, and remind me of the old-fashioned bustle dresses that women and girls used to wear in the 1880's. This dress can be made without the ruffles, for a simpler look, and in just one color, if desired. But we love colorful, ruffly dresses around fact, the fuller and rufflier (is that a word?) the better!

Because this is a European pattern, it comes without seam allowances. You have to add them on yourself when you trace the pattern.

The center panel is fabric that I've had in my stash for ages. It is such a pretty yellow, with the cutest little children all over it. I have saved it all these years, not ever knowing quite what I wanted to do with it. The other fabrics all coordinate beautifully with the colors in the yellow print.

This dress has "twirl-a-bility"!

I had read that this pattern runs a bit small, so I made the size 3-4, thinking it would fit my 3 year old perfectly. And it did fit well everywhere, except the length was a bit long. Next time I make this (I'm picturing it in pale pink and white!) I will take this into consideration and shorten the skirts an inch or two. But Sophie loves it this length...she calls it her "princess" dress!

We put a shirt under it because the weather is still cool around here. But it can be worn as a sundress, also, when the sun finally decides to stick around for awhile.

The pattern comes in sizes 18mos-12 years. I encourage anyone with a girlie-girl in their life to make it. She will love it, and you won't be able to stop smiling every time you see her in it!


  1. LOVE it! Just gorgeous! Cute pattern and adorable print fabric! And it doesn't hurt that your model is so cute too!!

    1. Thanks! I hope I can sew for this one for quite a while, but when that slows down, hopefully I'll have grandchildren to take her place as models!