Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dolls on Ebay and "Journey Girls" Review

I finally got on the ball this evening and listed a bunch of things on Ebay that I've been stockpiling. I like to go to the thrift stores and collect things here and there that I think might net me a little profit. Especially dolls. They are usually naked when I bring them home, so I fix their hair, remove any marks, and make them a new outfit. I think this helps them sell much better. These two little sweeties are 18" dolls from the Journey Girls collection. They have similar bodies to the American Girls, except that they also have a vinyl shoulder plate, which makes them nicer to dress in clothing that might show their upper backs/chests. Instead of a dress (which I usually make), I decided to create an outfit with capris and a top. The pants are made of baby wale corduroy, with cuffs that coordinate with the tops. The tops are basically a sundress pattern cut short. On one doll, the ties are cut extra long so that they can wrap around and tie in front. The tops close in back with Velcro. Rick-rack trims the cuffs and dress hem. All fabric was from my never-ending stash!
This is Alana. Isn't she pretty? I almost didn't list her. She's been sitting in my sewing/doll room for the past several weeks, and I'm still not tired of looking at her. I know I will be sad when she's gone.
And this is Dana. She is pretty too, but I'm not as attached to her as I am to Alana. In my opinion, Journey Girls are one of the nicer quality play dolls in the 18" range. I believe they are made by Toys R Us. They have nice, rooted hair and bodies that hold a pose. Not to mention the shoulder plates. I wish the American Girls had shoulder plates as well. I think that these run about $40 brand new, making them a nice alternative to the American Girl dolls. Of course, they don't have all the books and accessories that the AG dolls have, but they are very nice in their own right. These are listed on Ebay right now, so hop on over if you want to take a peek. My seller name is "dotsydoodle".
I am currently working on a dress for my little one, and I've also been crocheting a new doll dress. So stay tuned...good things are coming!

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