Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Monday, August 22, 2016

Liberty Jane Ruched Hoodie Pattern, plus an Upcycled Dress for American Girl Dolls

I've had this pattern for awhile, and finally got around to making it.  It's the "Ruched Hoodie" pattern by Liberty Jane.

Cute, right?  I was particularly intrigued about installing a separating zipper, since I had never done that before.  The pattern calls for a 5" doll-sized zipper which can be purchased over at Liberty Jane's website, but of course, I couldn't wait.  I wanted to make it NOW.  So I headed over to my neighborhood JoAnn's and found they had a fairly decent selection of separating zippers.  The smallest size they carried was a 7", which I figured I could just cut down like a regular zipper.  I went with a white, plastic coil zipper since the metal ones had pull tabs that were just too big and out of scale for a doll outfit.
Here's the finished product.  I am very pleased with how it turned out!  The pattern instructions are very clear concise, and each step is illustrated with a photograph.  While this has more pattern pieces than an average sweater/coat, the instructions were very easy to follow.  From start to finish, this took me less than 2 hours.
I did take extra time with installing the zipper (I even ripped it out once because I wasn't happy with the placement at the bottom of the hoodie), but it turned out better than I expected in the end.  I wish I had a "before" photo, but the material for this hoodie was a thrifted, women's knit shirt in a lovely, soft shade of light green with a beautiful texture.  I picked it up at Value Village once when they were having a 50% off sale on all their clothing.  They have these sales quite frequently, and when they do, I try to stock up on knit clothing items which I can later upcycle into doll outfits.  It's kind of hard to see in the photo, but there's a pretty, floral ribbon which binds the raw seam on the inside of the hood.  I found that to be a very nice touch.
Back view...isn't that ruffle adorable?  The hoodie jacket is self-fabric lined, but the hood is not.
Marie Grace's hair cannot be contained in this hoodie!
Hood up.  This pattern is adorable and a little more "special" than ordinary jacket patterns with all of it's extra details.  I highly recommend it.  You can purchase it as an instant download over at .  If you sign up for Liberty Jane's newsletter, they will send you one of their patterns FREE every Friday.  That is how I got this pattern!
Marie Grace also scored a brand new dress to wear with her new hoodie.  The skirt portion was also thrifted from a teenager's skirt.  It started it's life as this:
I knew when I first saw this skirt that it had the potential to become several, cute doll dresses. 
I used a "fancy cotton" for the bodice, to which I added a couple rows of the skirt ruffle to pull the look together.
The back closes with snaps under decorative buttons.  The skirt also has an attached, cotton lining.
Adorable, right?  This dress was super-simple to put together.  I love the combination of pink and white--so feminine and pretty.
I have been picking up more and more cute clothes at the thrift stores for the express purpose of turning them into something charming for dolls.  Most times, this is the only way I can find nice knits...our local fabric stores don't carry many knits at all, and never in any cute prints or textures.  So if you love to sew, don't overlook thrifted clothes as valuable resources for doll clothing!


  1. The jacket turned out really nice and looks so pretty in the gray fabric. I have a skirt that I bought from Walmart during the summer markdowns. It is aqua with layers of ruffles very similar to the skirt that you started with for the pretty pink dress that Marie Grace is wearing.

    1. Maybe I should finish my comment..... I wanted to say that when I bought this skirt that was marked down, I bought it with the intent to make doll clothes out of it. It is a long skirt that is lined with a two-way stretch Lycra type of fabric that will be perfect for leggings. I am estimating at least two dresses and two pairs of leggings can be rendered from this skirt that only cost $5.00 when I bought it.

    2. Oh, yes! I used to buy baby/kids' clothing for my children, but now I buy it with my dolls in mind! I especially like looking for things at the thrift stores that are half off. So much fun! But as I was cleaning out my sewing storage area the other day, I realized that I now have an entire Rubbermaid tub full to the brim with people clothing ready to made over into doll clothes, so I should probably slow down on acquiring more clothing until I use up some of what I have!

  2. Just sayin.... I was back to visit again and saw your comment. I just went through a large tub of people clothes that I had bought to make clothes for the dolls with. I thought I would thin them out first but decided to place each garment into a 12"x 18" plastic bag and numbered each bag for a once a month up-cycle project (there is enough for a couple of years worth of projects). I hope to have a post for Valentines Day with doll outfits from my up-cycle bin. Have a great day!

    Oh, before I forget I want to post a Orthodox Christmas post for my youngest granddaughters 2nd Christmas (she turned one in December) her mother celebrates Orthodox Christmas with her family.

  3. What a great idea to do with the upcycled clothing! You should write a post about that, and show your completed outfit each month. That would certainly be inspiring to the rest of us!