Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Adventures in Disneyland with Alice, and New Dolls!

This year my husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.  That deserved some sort of vacation, right?  I mean, we hadn't been away for more than one night from the kids in about 27 years!  So we decided to go to...Disneyland!  This was a big step for me, since I hadn't been on a plane in over 13 years, and flying makes me VERY nervous.  But I conquered my fears for a chance to get away with just my husband to the "happiest place on earth".  And, I'm happy to say, we had a wonderful time.  Of course, I had to take along little Alice for my travel doll, since I wasn't going to have my cute kids around for photo opportunities.
Here she is, sitting on a railing while we were waiting for a parade to begin.
Reclining on the Mark Twain paddle wheel boat.
At first, my dear husband had to look the other way when I would bring Alice out and pose her for pictures, hoping that nobody was watching!  But by day 2, he decided to embrace my "strange" hobby, taking delight in chauffeuring Alice around in his shirt pocket.
What a goofball!  A husband that can make you laugh is the very best kind around.
The view from our caterpillar car, traveling through can you guess which ride?
Alice, of course!
I was thrilled to see that Alice is now a permanent fixture in the "Small World" ride!
A poster of my favorite Disney character in the tunnels you pass through upon entering Disneyland.
Every afternoon we rested our weary bones while enjoying a Dole Whip.  What a delicious treat!  Alice wanted to try it as well.
This is the White Rabbit's door.  It is located right next to the tea cup ride.  Every time we have visited Disneyland, I have taken photos of my kids in front of this door.  Well, now it was my turn!
On our last day in the park, I was thrilled to see a display of Precious Moments dolls dressed as Disney characters in one of the gift shops.  To make it even better, the designer of the dolls, Linda Rick, was also there!  I just had to buy Alice, and she signed her for me.  Linda was so sweet and gracious to pose in a photo with me.
Big Alice meeting Little Alice for the first time.
I had really hoped that I would meet the "real" Alice character while in Disneyland.  However, I didn't hold out much hope since I've rarely seen her before.  Well, as luck would have it, we decided to get an ice cream in one of the shops.  I sat down at a table to hold our seats while my husband went to stand in line for the ice cream.  The minute he walked away, who should walk around the corner but Alice!  I was so sad that I could only watch Alice from a distance and not get my photo taken with her since my husband had walked away.  But just a few seconds later, he returned because the line for ice cream was too long, and before he knew what hit him, I had thrown my camera in his hands and dashed over towards Alice!
I even got Little Alice in the picture!
On our way home:  Since we were sitting in the emergency exit of the plane, we needed to be familiar with the emergency procedures.  Alice took this very seriously.
She got a little bored during the flight and decided to climb the seats for a better view.  Unfortunately, she got stuck between the cracks.
"Is it time to exit yet?" she kept asking.
Hanging from the window, above the clouds.  What a view!
After an uneventful flight, we made it home safe and sound.  And oh, we brought another stowaway home with us:
He was just too cute to leave behind in Disneyland.  My sweet husband could see how much I liked him, and persuaded me to buy him, too.  I think Big Alice was pleased to have a friend along for the trip to their new home.
"Why, Pinocchio, what a big nose you have!" (But I think it's rather cute!)
These cuties are all vinyl and stand about 16" tall.  They have nice quality wigs and well-made, detailed outfits.  While Precious Moments dolls are sold on the web, these Disney versions are only sold in the Disney Parks.  I am so glad that we happened to be there at just the right time which afforded me the opportunity to add these two to my collection.
It's hard to believe that the past 30 years have flown by so quickly.  Here's to 30 more years with my sweetheart!

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