Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Monday, June 6, 2016

Ruthie's Reveal!

Remember poor little Ruthie with the matted hair from yesterday's post?  Well, here she is, all cleaned up and looking good as new!

I gently washed her hair and then combed it out with my trusty, metal, pet comb.  I trimmed off about one inch of length in order to get rid of the majority of the frizzy ends.  I set her dampened hair on sponge rollers over night.

I am so pleased with how her hair turned out!

Back view...the curls will probably relax a bit over time, but that's okay.

I love her coloring: dark brunette with greenish eyes.

She is wearing a dress I made a while is Simplicity 1244, view A.  It closes in back with snaps under decorative buttons.

While I am thrilled that she came with her original "Meet Dress", I really do think that the clothes I make for my dolls are cuter!  And definitely better made.  Everything is 100% quality, quilter's cottons, with lined bodices and finished raw edges.  I make my doll clothes the same way I make "real" people clothing.  I'm just kind of picky like that!

And here she is, with her best friend, Kit

I bought this Kit from a friend of mine, who was selling off her adult daughter's outgrown toys.  This is one of the first Kits produced, since she still has "Pleasant Company" stamped on the back of her neck, even though she is the first doll that was produced under the American girl logo after Mattel took over.

I made her dress and little apron several years ago; it is an out-of-print Vogue pattern #7565.  The dress was super easy to put together, but the apron, not so much!  There was a lot work involved here...lots of embroidery, and I stitched the binding down by hand all the way around that apron!  But oh, I just think it's the cutest little thing.

Here's a close up of the embroidery.  I actually made this apron a second time, in a different color.  It turned out equally as cute.

Kit invited Ruthie to climb the old apple tree.  It looks like a nice place to build a treehouse!


  1. She turned out great and I love her shorter hair! I also love Kit's pretty dress and apron. Kit is one of my favorites. I sold off my adult collection several years ago, but I still admire them. Your dolly clothes are very nice. :o)

    1. Thank you for the compliment...I love sewing for my dolls! If only I had about 10 more hours each day, I could get so much more stuff done!

  2. Love this!! So so so cute!! Have you heard of using fabric softener in the girls hair. I tried it and it was like magic!!

    1. Hi Heather! Yes, I've used fabric softener before with mixed results. Sometimes it has worked, and other times--not so well. I wonder if it has to do with the type/quality of hair? So now I usually just wash, condition, detangle with a metal pet comb, and then run a flat iron over it, if necessary. Ususally works pretty well for me. Thanks for your suggestion, though!