Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Monday, June 13, 2016

Another Tonner Effanbee Patsy!

Ever since bringing home my first Effanbee Patsy by Tonner, I have been searching for another.  They are just so darn cute!  When I saw this one on Ebay, I watched her for one week, and then forgot to bid on her!  Luckily, no one had bid, and the seller relisted her.  Then I had to wait another week until the auction ended.  But I finally won her!

Her name is "Jill", as in Jack & Jill, as she's one of a 1000 limited edition.

She was part of this set.  Isn't "Jack" just as adorable?  I have never seen him for sale anywhere, so I expect that he is quite rare and hard to find.

Jill has the most adorable clothing.  It is all beautiful quality and feels so well made.  The dress has a heavily embroidered, attached apron and lace trimmed collars.  The skirt is lined with a lace trimmed petticoat, and she also has lace-edged pantalets.  Underneath her pantalets she wears sage green tights, and her ivory, patent leather, mary-jane shoes close with a real buckle and strap.

She also wears a flower-trimmed straw hat:

I love her hair!
It is parted down the center and pulled into two pigtails on each side of her head.  Each pigtail is then divided into six, little, looped braids and trimmed with a ribbon.  So cute.

What a precious hairstyle.

Her dress closes in back with snaps.

Remember "Party Pink Patsy" from my previous post?  Here she is, welcoming Jill to the family!

They both have brown eyes.  I think I shall have to find one more Patsy with blue eyes in order to round out this collection.  Sounds logical, right?

I wish I would have know about these dolls when they first came out back in 2003.  I probably would have bought more!

I highly recommend these little cuties by Tonner.  Everything about them is high quality, and they have such a nice "feel" in your hands. 


  1. Congrats on your wonderful find! She is adorable. I especially love her red hair and how it is styled. She looks very sweet with Miss Party Pink. :o)

    1. She is cute, isn't she? I especially loved her hair, too. Even though these dolls share the same face mold, they look very different with their hairstyles and clothing. They make me happy every time I look at them!