Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A New Outfit for Riley

This is Riley, a darling little doll made by Helen Kish. She stands just a bit over seven inches tall. I bought her several years ago, for a good price, because she was nude. I fully intended on sewing a wardrobe for her, but, just never happened. Not until now. I did buy her some shoes and socks a couple of years back, but that was it. The poor, little thing has been sitting on my doll shelf in nothing but her birthday suit, plus the afore mentioned shoes and socks.
I have a secret pal in the doll club to which I belong, and today was the day I needed to give her a birthday present. So I decided to make her an outfit for her Riley (Hope she has one! If not, maybe she'll need to get one!) I think it turned out so cute. However, don't think for a moment that sewing for a smaller doll is easier than sewing for a large one, because it's NOT. I about tore my hair out trying to gather the teeny tiny sleeves to the even tinier sleeve cuffs. Not to mention how difficult it is to sew these little pieces together on the machine--they kept wanting to get stuck down in the throat plate. I did figure out that if I starched the pieces really well, it made them easier to handle. I started with a pattern from Rosemarie Ionker's book, "Fashions for Small Dolls", and then tweaked it to suit my needs.
The bonnet was my own creation. Just a lace-trimmed, rectangle of fabric, gathered along both long edges. She has matching panties, too, but I forgot to get a picture of those. Isn't she just the sweetest? Of course, since this was a gift, it is no longer in my possession. So now my poor, little Riley is back where she started, completely nude. Well, except for her feet. I hope I don't let another few years slip away before she gets an outfit to call her own!


  1. Just darling! I love sewing for dolls, but the 18 inch ones are hard enough, I can't imagine a 7 inch doll! I hope she doesn't have to wait too long for her own dress! :)

    1. Since completing this outfit, I am in even more awe and amazement over people who sew for Barbies! Can you imagine? All those teeny-tiny armholes and bodices...if I had to dress Barbies, I think I'd just tie a piece of fabric around her and call it good!