Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Dear has Arrived!

"Baby Dear is my brand-new baby doll. Daddy brought her to me on a very special day. It was the day he brought Mommy and our new baby home from the hospital." These are the first threee sentences of my favorite Eloise Wilkin book, Baby Dear.
I have been wanting a Baby Dear of my own for a while now. So I've been haunting Ebay and placing bids. However, I kept losing out to higher bidders. Finally, I lucked out and found a newly-listed, buy-it-now, for a price I could afford. I was so excited! This was the very Baby Dear I had dreamed of owning.
She is the tiny, 12" size. Baby Dear also comes in a larger sizes, but something about this wee one just melted my heart. She is soft and floppy, just like a real baby. And look at those pudgy cheeks, clenched fists, and precious, little feet! She came in her original, flannel, tagged gown. The neckline was ripping away from the binding, so I fixed that right away.
Here she is, next to the front cover of her book. The book came first, and as it rose in popularity, Eloise modeled a doll based on her illustrations. Apparently, there was also a 12" Baby Dear created that played music and moved when wound. I have never seen one of those. Suffice it to say that I would love to own one! But I am very happy with the one I have now. She will receive a new outfit--probably a smocked bonnet and dress in white and pink--and I am on the lookout for a little cradle just for her. Collecting dolls is so much fun!

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