Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eloise Wilkin

It's no secret that I love books. All kinds. But some of my very favorites are children's books. The books above are all illustrated by Eloise Wilkin, one of my favorite illustrators. If you have ever looked at one of her books, you'll know why.
The children in her illustrations are all depicted as cherubic and chubby-faced.
And I never noticed until after we got a beagle, that many of the dogs in her books are beagles. I wonder if she had one, also?
The stories are wholesome, and depict everyday life in a more vintage setting. Children play with simple toys, like dolls and blocks and pets. They are kind and obedient. Just look at the picture above...what I wouldn't give for a grand fireplace like that in my bedroom!
Her babies are adorable. I just want to eat them up.
Really, how cute is this???
Eloise Wilkin was born in 1904, and illustrated many books in her lifetime, 47 of which were Little Golden Books. I hunt for them whenever I go thrifting, hope to add another title to my collection. My little ones must love them as much as I do, because right now I have a couple of books missing from the top picture. One of them is my absolute favorite, and it is called "Baby Dear". Sophie loves this book. I suspect she has it hidden away somewhere for safe-keeping.
In the 1960's, the Vogue doll company made a doll based on the baby doll in Eloise's book, "Baby Dear". It came in several sizes, but the 12" cutie shown above (currently for sale on Ebay) is the harder to find version. I am determined to add this doll to my collection someday, but one in good condition is not cheap. I just think she is so sweet. If I had her, I'm sure I'd have to watch her like a hawk, since I wouldn't be surprised if Sophie made off with her, also!

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  1. LOVE these books! I have quite a few of them also. They are the perfect picture of a dimply baby! I love the doll too, I can see why you want it. :)