Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Friday, December 16, 2016

Gotz Elizabeth Cady Stanton 18" Doll

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!  We've had some decent snowfall (several inches--good for our area!) and ice.  Today I decided to venture out in the freezing temperature and show you a doll I've had in my collection for a bit. 
Meet Elizabeth Cady Stanton:
Elizabeth is an 18" doll made by the Gotz Doll company in honor of the American suffragette she's named after.  Only 5000 of these dolls were made, and mine is #4298, which is signed in pen on the front of her cloth torso, along with the date of 2001.  She is jointed like an American Girl doll, and has the loveliest, ash blonde wig full of wavy curls.
The real Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born in 1815.  I couldn't find any photos of her as a child, but then I realized that there probably aren't any, since photos didn't become commonly available until many years later.  So this doll is an artist's interpretation of what she may have looked like.
I did find this photo:
Elizabeth with two of her young sons
And this one:
With her baby daughter, Harriet
Elizabeth herself came from a family of 11 children, five of whom did not survive childhood.  She married at age 25 and went on to have seven children of her own.  A little know fact about Elizabeth Stanton is that she wrote many of the speeches for Susan B. Anthony!
This is a photo I pulled from the internet of a doll just like mine, shown in her "meet outfit", because I was too lazy to redress my doll to show you how she was originally dressed:
I read somewhere that this outfit is supposed to represent the school uniform she wore while being formally educated at a girl's academy.  It is a nicely made dress, apron, bloomer, socks and shoes.  It has snap closures.  I kept her in it for awhile just because it's her original outfit, but once I decided to change her, oh my!  That's when I really fell in love with her!  She is really cute.  I mean REALLY.  Some of the photos I've seen of her just don't do her justice.  She's one of those dolls that looks so much better in person, I think.
Don't you love the lamp post?  One of my lucky thrift store finds.
Her hair is gorgeous.
I made the velveteen coat and bonnet many years ago.  It's a little longer in length than I currently make, so I'm thinking of shortening it a bit.  But in the meanwhile, it kept Elizabeth nice and warm out in the snow!
We didn't stay outside too long since the temperatures were dropping down into the 20's.   Back inside, she wanted to check out the dolls' Christmas tree.
I made this dress and smocked and embroidered the pinafore many years ago.  It also is a bit long for my current tastes, so I will probably be shortening this as well.
Elizabeth has curly tendrils at the sides of her temples that fall into her face, so I have pinned them back to show off her pretty face a bit better.
I really love this doll.  If you are interested in adding one to your collection, check Ebay.  There are several listed right now, two in the $50 price range.  But I've seen them sell for even lower than that. I lucked out and got mine at a doll show for $30.  If you're looking for a nice quality doll that has a unique face mold from all the other 18" dolls on the market, then check out Elizabeth Cady Stanton!


  1. Hello! Your doll is very pretty and I love the pinafore you made. I discovered your blog at Heather Cuoio's in a comment you made. I'll check it out now. I love dolls!

    1. Thanks, Loretta! If there's one thing I love almost as much as dolls, it's finding blogs written by like-minded people that love dolls as much as I!

  2. Lovely doll Angela. I just looked at the dolls on Ebay. Maybe in a month or two after tax season I will find one to buy.

  3. They look much better in person than in pictures, I think. When I saw them on the internet, I didn't really care for their faces...but then I found mine at a doll show, and I instantly fell in love with her! Now I love her face for it's uniqueness.

  4. Once again you have greatly improved a doll. Your's is the prettiest one of these I have seen. :o)