Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Happy Ric-Rac Dress


Well, I do believe I'm on a roll...a second dress cranked out in less than a week!
I call this the "Happy Ric-Rac Dress" because everything about it just made me smile...especially the ric-rac!
This is McCall's pattern #5793 again, but I think it looks so different from the Easter dress I created from it in the last post.
This time, I made the sleeveless version, and I pieced together a hem band for the skirt.  There's a narrow ruffle above the hem band, along with a line of ric-rac above the ruffle.  I also added fabric ruffles and more ric-rac along the contrast bodice pieces.
I created the attached  overskirt to look like an apron by sewing a front waistband to the lower bodice edge, and adding ties.  I love the little apron!  It is also edged with ric-rac.
I used an invisible zipper to close the back, and it went in so easily and without any problems at all.  All seams lined up perfectly. (And that doesn't always happen on the first try!)  I used to be so afraid of zippers...I avoided them like the plague.  But invisible zippers...they're so easy!  If you've never tried one, find a tutorial online.  I promise you, it's not hard, and you will love the results.
I think this one of my favorite dresses I've made so far.  The color combinations make me happy, and the ric-rac just makes me smile.  I've never used ric-rac much in the past--I didn' know what I was missing.  But it certainly does add a touch of whimsy.
Again, "twirl-a-bility" is a major selling point for Sophie's dresses.  She tests every one, just to make sure.
I've been thinking about making a few more of this style of dress and maybe opening an Etsy account.  It would be fun to make money doing something I love, but there are already so many wonderful seamstresses there offering beautiful, boutique style dresses, that I wonder if it would be difficult to sell mine?  I guess I won't know until I try.
Tomorrow is Easter.  Not only is it NOT supposed to rain, but it's also supposed to be unseasonably warm and sunny!   We will dye some eggs, hide some baskets, and have an egg hunt.  And through it all, I will be forever grateful that we serve a risen Lord.  I wish you all a wonderful day, hopefully spent with people you love.

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  1. I love the fabric, and love the dress! Adorable! Good going, you!! You are for sure on a roll!! And yes, open an Etsy account!! With your talent, you can be successful!