Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Dolls and Ebay listings

I've added several dolls to my collection over the past few months, like this 23" papier mache beauty above.  Isn't she pretty?
She has a papier mache turned head and shoulderplate, arms, and legs.  Cloth body.   Her mohair wig is a replacement, but it suits her, I think.  Blue glass eyes.  I just love her antique dress.  No markings, but she is most likely German, and could possibly be a Schilling.  Circa late 1800's.
I just love these American cloth dolls made by Martha Chase.  Each one was hand made and hand painted from 1889 and on...hard to imagine in our current world of mass production and everything coming from China.  These dolls were meant to be played with and loved.  As a result, she shows some wear on her face, but her expression is so sweet that I had to bring her home with me! 
Oil painted features, molded cloth face, cloth body, 16" tall.
This is a 10 1/2" bisque head baby by George Borgfeldt, mold number 327.  I am drawn more and more to these small, "cabinet size" dollies. 
Brown sleep eyes, original mohair wig, composition body.
Another cabinet size baby...this is an 8 1/2" Franz Schmidt character baby with a very rare mold number--I believe it is incised 1237.  Her little dollie is a 4" Nancy Ann Storybook look-a-like baby made by K & H co.
Brown sleep eyes, open-closed molded mouth, molded hair, composition body.
And just to prove that I don't only buy antique dolls, here is the newest mini American girl doll character...Caroline!  I love the American Girl dolls, especially the mini ones.  They are exquisitely dressed, with undergarments, socks, and shoes, just like their 18" counterparts.  And if you buy them from Amazon, they'll cost you less than if you order directly from American Girl.
6 1/2" tall, cloth body, vinyl limbs and head, rooted hair.  Jointed just like the 18" American Girls.  I paid $16 for her on Amazon--great quality for the price.
Now, all these dollie purchases come with a price...I now have to sell stuff to help pay for my splurges!
Among the many things I have currently listed on Ebay is this sweet, 14" articulated doll.  She is Lark Little Lady by Helen Kish.  I bought her nude several years ago, thinking I'd sew for her, but it just never happened.  I did manage to make the one outfit she is wearing, and I think she looks so sweet in it.  It's going to be hard to part with her.
Her bodice has an inset of french laces, and the same laces trim her attached over-skirt and dress.
This is an 18" Magic Attic doll named Heather.  They are no longer made, but were produced as competition to the American Girls.  They are nice quality, with all-vinyl bodies, wigs, and stationary eyes.  I made her a simple sundress from quilter's cottons.  There is rick-rack trim over the yellow hem band which is hard to see in the photo, and a sash that ties in back.  I found that dolls sell much better on Ebay if they have clothing, so I made this dress for her right before listing her.
Another dollie that needed a dress...this is a 13" Corolle Les Cheries Camille.  Her dress is identical to the Magic Attic doll's dress above.
So, you see, I HAVE been sewing!  I also bought fabric a couple of months ago to make my little one an Easter dress, but it is still laying on my sewing table.  Seeing that Easter is only 1 1/2 weeks away, I should probably get moving on it!  I've also done a bunch of mending, but that isn't really sewing, is it?  I mean, I did use the sewing machine, but mending isn't creating something new, so I don't think it really counts.
And every few days or so, we get some marvelous, spring-y type weather, so I've been out in the yard, getting vegetable beds ready for spring planting, pulling weeds, straightening out sheds, and picking up forgotten socks, forks, cups, and other kid paraphernalia strewn about the yard.  I'd love to spend more time sewing, but living in the Pacific NW means taking advantage of the nice weather when it comes, because those days can sometimes be few and far between.
Hope to be back soon with more sewing projects completed!

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