Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Thursday, March 5, 2015

And in other news...I made a Teepee

I've done a lot of sewing in my days, and dabbled in a little bit of everything, fabric-wise.  I've tackled home-dec projects, garments, dolls, stuffed animals, diaper covers, you name it.  But when a friend asked if I would make her new baby a teepee, well, that was a first.  5 1/2 yards of canvas and what seemed like MILES of sewing straight seams later, here is the final result:

She provided me with an online tutorial which provided the measurements and directions to create every kid's dream play structure: The author claims to have made this teepee for only $22--not sure where she lives, but in my part of the country, the canvas fabric alone cost me $5.60 per yard, and that was WITH a coupon.  My friend provided the wood posts, and I'm sure they cost way more than the 37 cents a piece that the author paid for hers.  But still, I think this is a wonderful project to make for the kiddos that would keep them entertained for years to come.  My youngest is now asking for a teepee of her own.  I'll have to think about that one.  It wasn't terribly difficult...just horribly monotonous stitching all those long, boring seams (especially when I accidentally sewed a couple of panels together the wrong way and had to tear out the entire seam--twice!)  But the end result is enough to make me actually consider doing it again.
And here's a photo of my friend's nursery with the teepee, all set up and waiting for the new arrival:
Pretty cute, huh?

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