Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

An Estate Sale and More Finished Quilts!

Today I went to the estate sale of a 95 year old woman who had recently entered a nursing home.  She had been an avid seamstress, and I was invited in for a preview sale, along with a few other members of my doll club.
Just look at this basket of deliciousness that came home with me!
11 different fabrics and many, many packs of vintage rick rack and bias tape
Most of the prints are vintage repro fabrics
Vintage rick rack galore!
Five different rick rack brands represented here, from jumbo to teeny-tiny size.  When's the last time you saw rick rack for 15 cents???
Four different bias tape manufacturers
And one package of twill tape.  I love this stuff.
The fabric was $1 per yard, and rick rack/bias binding were 25 cents each.  What a deal!  I really don't NEED any more fabric, but for that price, who could pass up this deal?
I spent all day up in my sewing room yesterday, and finally finished up my son's quilt.  I posted pictures of the pieced front before, but if you remember, my sewing machine BROKE right before I could quilt the layers together.  So I showed it to him at Christmas and promised him that he would receive it just as soon as my machine was up and running again.  Well, guess what?  After four, long weeks of waiting, the repair man finally called me with the bad news...the circuit board had fried and there was no fixing it.  Ugghhh!  But now, the good news:  My wonderful husband knows how important my sewing is to me, so he suggested we go out right away and start looking for a new one.  I was hesitant to spend the money, but I was curious to see what might be out there.  After doing a bit of research and talking to the repair man, I settled on a Pfaff Ambition.  I love it!
One of its best features, I think, is the built-in walking foot!  It works perfectly. 
So here's another picture of my son's quilt, this time all bound and quilted:
And here's a picture of my daughter-in-law's quilt which was finished when I gave it to her, except for some extra quilting around each square:
I just love the colors in this one!  Pinks and yellows together are my favorite.
Close up:
For now, I just do simple, geometric quilting.  My desire, however, is to learn how to do free-motion quilting.
The estate sale today also had about a million quilting magazines which they were begging us to take away for free.  Well, maybe not a million, but at least several hundred.  I grabbed a few.  So now I am off to browse through some issues, and maybe get some inspiration for a future project.  Have a nice evening!


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