Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Emmeline Apron and Oven Mitts

I bought this pattern a while ago because I love aprons and I just thought this one was so darn cute.  Feminine, but not too frilly.  I finally got around to making it as a shower gift for the daughter of a very dear friend who is getting married next month.

One of the things I love about this pattern is that it is reversible.  Here I am, modeling the floral side...

...and here's the reverse side in a pretty green.  I love that the ties can wrap around and tie in the front.  This is a very figure flattering style, I think.  I made it just like the pattern instructed, since it was my first time.  However, when I make it again (and I will, because I need one for myself!), I will make a couple of changes:  I will make the waistband ties a bit narrower, and I will turn the neck ties into one continuous strap so that they never need to be tied.   I would probably also add pockets.   Other than that, I think this apron is pretty darn near perfect.  I have another bridal shower to attend at the end of this month, so I will probably make this again as a gift.  It goes together fairly quickly and the instructions are pretty simple.

I purchased extra fabric so that I could make matching oven mitts.  Isn't the green mushroom fabric whimsical?  I used a free pattern off the internet.  The first mitt almost ended up in the garbage because I had such a hard time turning it inside out after sewing it together!  There are a lot of layers in these mitts;  each side of each mitt has five layers--the outer fabric, the lining, an insulated batting, and two layers of cotton batting.  This means that you are sewing through ten layers when you stitch the front to the back!  I probably could have omitted one of the cotton batting layers, but even so, I still would have had eight layers to work with.  Sewing them together was not the difficult part, but turning them inside out gave me a workout!  Once I completed that task, I sewed a continuous binding around the top edge and than hand sewed it down for a neat look.  I do like how they turned out, and would definitely love some new mitts for my kitchen.  My current ones are so ratty and gross looking.  Plus, they're not near as cute as these.  But I'm just not ready to tackle this project again so soon!  But the apron will happen for sure.  Our family has "kitchen duty" at our church next week, so it'd be nice to have it made before then.

Well, our summer weather seems to have finally arrived, so I am spending this hot evening inside in our air-conditioned house.  I have some mending that needs to be done, and I really need to get started on the little flower girl dresses for next month's wedding.  I'm still trying to decide on a pattern, and whether or not I want to smock and embroider them.  Oh...decisions, decisions!

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