Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthdays and Storms

Thunder rumbled, lightening flashed, and the rain came down in sheets as our family gathered together last night and today to celebrate two birthdays.  Son #3 turned the big "18" yesterday, and little brother celebrated his 6th today.

We put Landon's candles on one corner of the cake, and Jackson's on the other.  We don't always celebrate their birthdays on the same today, but it just worked out easier that way this year.

Seven of my eight children together...that makes me so happy!  The days are getting fewer and farther between when that happens anymore.   Everybody seems to be growing up so fast. Two of my "chickies" have already flown the nest, and the third is getting close.

Late this afternoon, another storm moved in.  We had one yesterday, too, with lots of lightening, thunder, and rain.  But today's storm also brought hail the size of marbles.  Once the lightening stopped, I gave the kids the go-ahead to explore our flooded street.

It was over a foot deep in some places!

Sophie lasted about one minute before she started crying about her feet hurting.  With all that hail, the water was freezing.

The kids rode their bikes through the temporary lake with no problem, but every car that came down our street turned around and went the other way once they saw all that standing water!

And here's a short clip of our birthday boy, capping off his special day by floating down our street.  What six-year-old could ask for more?

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  1. Happy Birthday to both your sweet boys!! Wow, you guys sure got a lot more rain than we did! Weird storms, huh?!