Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Busy Sewing and New Listings on Ebay!

I have been busy sewing for the past few days, and managed to crank out 14 new doll dresses!  Yes, FOURTEEN.  I don't know why I do this to myself.  But somehow, I figure if I'm going to be sewing some doll dresses, then I may as well cut out a few more and sew them assembly-line style.  This time, I even made coordinating, reversible headbands.
The four dolls above are my newest listings on Ebay, and are all so sweet!
First up, this Pottery Barn Doll by Gotz:
I think her name is Marianne.  Isn't she cute?  She is much more slender in her torso than the other dolls, so the little A-line dresses that the others are wearing were just too big for her.  So she got a sweet sundress that I originally made for American Girl dolls, but ended up being too tight for their bodies.  I actually made three of these sweet sundresses in different fabrics, and none ended up fitting the dolls I had them intended for.  Grrrrrr.  I hate it when that happens.  If I would have taken a moment to check the fit of the bodices, I could have avoided this scenario.  But whatever.  This dress looks sweet her, so it all worked out, I suppose.
The fabric is a light green with cherries sprinkled across it.  So cute.
She has long, silky, rooted hair.
Next up is this Precious Day Collection Doll, also by Gotz:
Such a sweet face
And she has the most lovely, rooted hair--thick and wavy!
Another Gotz...this time it's a harder-to-find Little Sister Doll, LILY:
Isn't her expression so serene and beautiful?  Sometimes this mold is referred to as the "Mona Lisa" face.  I can see why.
She has the loveliest, long blond wig
And last, but not least, is this American Girl of Today doll by Pleasant Company!  And yes, I found her at Goodwill a couple of months ago!  I almost passed out when I saw her in the toy aisle.  Goodwill usually pulls these dolls to sell on their online auction site, which is why you almost never find them in the stores.  But I think this one slipped by because she is not marked American Girl, but rather "Pleasant Company" on the back of her neck.   
She looks just like Samantha, I think.  She might have been number "16", but I'm not sure.
She's in beautiful condition
Her hair is dark brown and wavy, and a bit shorter than Samantha's.
Here she is in her original outfit, complete with tights, velvet flats, underwear, blouse and jumper.  Everything is tagged "Pleasant Company".  I've tried to find the name of this outfit, but haven't had any luck so far.  There is an American Girl of Today logo on the front of her velour jumper.  Does anybody happen to know anything about this outfit?
Four little cuties, all looking for a new home.  Honestly, I won't be sad if they don't sell, because then I can enjoy them for a bit longer!  However, my dolly population has become seriously out-of-control, so something has to give.  Here's a link to the auctions:
I will be listing many, more dolls over the next several weeks, so my sewing machine will be getting a good workout with all of the dresses I'll need to sew.  I just can't let a dolly go to a new home without a nice outfit, now can I?!


  1. Your dolls are so cute, and your sewing skills are marvelous. I love all the things you make.

    1. Thanks so much, Loretta! That means a lot to me. I love sewing and dolls and photography, so luckily for me, all three go together very nicely!

  2. Angela, how do you list other dolly blogs on your blog on the side, like you've done? I'd love to do that too but cannot figure it out! TIA!

    1. At the top of my blog page are the choices "new post", "design", and "sign out". Click on "design", and then scroll down the page until you find "layout". Click on "layout" and then choose "add a gadget" under sidebar. The gadget is called "my blog list". Click on this and it will allow you to create a list of blogs that you like to follow! I'm not very computer literate, but somehow, I was able to figure this out so I'm sure you can, too!

  3. Thanks, Angela, for the above explanation. It worked! I tried this before and it didn't work.

  4. So pretty! The dolls and their sweet dresses! :o)

    1. Thank you! Sewing for dolls is so much fun...they don't complain about anything "scratching" them, and they're always happy with my fabric choices!