Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Friday, February 24, 2017

Another Kathe Kruse Doll!

She arrived!  The new Kathe Kruse doll I told you about in my last post got here yesterday, and I couldn't be more pleased with her.  She's even prettier in person than her pictures.
Kathe Kruse's son-in-law, Igor von Jakimow, sculpted the head for this lovely doll.  It was the only one of Kathe Kruse's dolls that was modeled after one of her children, Friedebald.  This doll is known as "Doll VIII, the German Child".
She stands approximately 19" tall, is stuffed with reindeer hair, and has a hand-knotted, human hair wig.  I love her little snail braids! 
One thing different about the bigger doll is that her head can rotate, while the smaller one's cannot.  Upon some further research, I believe the smaller doll is "Doll IX, the Little German Child".  She was made as a more affordable version of the larger doll, since Kathe Kruse knew her dolls were expensive, and she wanted everybody who wanted one to be able to afford one.
Because I like to "play" with all the dolls I collect, I'm sure I'll be letting down her braids at some point and making her a new outfit.
She is also dated on her foot, and I believe it says "Mai 87".  (May 1987)
Aren't they sweet sisters?  I'm leaning towards naming the smaller one "Hannelore", which was my German mother's name.  I would call her "Hanne" (Hanna) for short.  I'm not sure yet about the bigger one.  My maternal grandmother was "Charlotte", so maybe I'll call her "Lottie".  Both of these dolls have the same hair and eye color as my mother and grandmother!
I LOVE these dolls. The are my new addiction.  If you could hold one of these dolls, you would feel the quality.  They are sturdy yet huggable, and their faces are so soulful.
And lest you think that dolls are the only thing I "play" with,  here is a photo of my brand new grandson! Isn't he a little doll?  He's so snuggable.  Wait, is that even a word?  He's two weeks old in this picture and just loves to be held by anyone.  His name is Flynn.   Isn't that the cutest name?  I am fortunate that little Flynn and his parents live in our town so that I can see him just about anytime I want to.
Here's my other, cutie-patootie grandson, Declan.  He came up to my doll room today and decided to wrap up his autie's Flynn Rider doll in a doily and carry him around like a baby.  Shorty thereafter, he found a rubber band and spent the next 1/2 hour securing it around Flynn Rider's limbs.  Boys!
And this picture right here?  Why, this is Declan's momma, carrying my next grandchild, a little GIRL!  I can hardly wait.  There will be dolls and tea parties and lots of pink.  Did I mention DOLLS?  As if I needed a reason to buy more dolls!  Fun times ahead, that's for sure!


  1. Congrats on your darling dolls, and your grandchildren. Both are adorable.

    1. Thanks, Loretta! I do feel blessed.

  2. Angela, I just love reading your blog. Baby dolls and grand babies - they truly are the best things in life. I will be traveling to see my youngest granddaughter this week. So much fun. Next year we will be having tea parties and dressing baby dolls.

    Congratulations on your new grandson and the upcoming birth of your granddaughter.

    Take care,

    1. Thanks, Candy. I am a baby lover, whether they be real or dollies! Nothing more precious than holding a newborn, though...especially when it's your own grandchild!