Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Thursday, January 12, 2017

American Girl Cecile and Simplicity 1391 again

Remember how two Christmases ago I used this pattern to create a new outfit for my daughter-in-law's beloved Addy doll?

This is the dress I ended up creating (sorry for the kind of dark picture):
I liked it so much I vowed that I would someday get around to sewing one for my own dolls.  And to go along with it, I also wanted to sew the bonnet and hat.

It is SO cold and snowy right now.  But Cecile was a good sport and dutifully posed in the almost foot of snow we got dumped with a couple of nights before.
The bonnet and hat are View F on the pattern.
I love everything about this jacket and bonnet...the cut, the fit, and the style.  It has a very definite 1860's feel to it.
I used a piece of red, plaid corduroy that's been in my stash FOREVER.  I had just enough to make these pieces.  They are lined with black cotton sateen, and trimmed with a black braid from JoAnn's.  The little pewter buttons came from my stash as well.  The buttons are decorative and sit over snaps which fasten the jacket.
The bonnet ties are made from wide, black, grosgrain ribbon.  I diagonally folded up and hemmed the edges because cut grosgrain ribbon ravels horribly.
Bright morning sun!  I love Cecile's eyes.  They are a dark shade of green and match her dress so perfectly.
The snow made for easy posing!  I just stuck her down and the deep snow kept her from toppling over.
And here's the dress.  The skirt is two layers--the underneath has a deep, ruffled hem, and the overskirt is trimmed with lace and braid.
I had just enough lace to trim around the skirt.  I love it when this happens. Makes me realize this project was meant to be.
The bodice and sleeves of this dress were sewn and trimmed just like the first dress I made two years ago. 
It closes in back with snaps.
I bought Cecile (along with Marie Grace) right before they were retired.  They are both gorgeous dolls.  However, for some reason or another, I had never undressed Cecile until now!  I didn't realize how pretty this dress would look on her until I tried it on...the muted green of the fabric matches her eyes so perfectly.
The sun is a little harsh in this photo, but I wanted to show the ruffled trim inside her bonnet.  This bonnet is really very easy to make--there are just two pieces--a back and a brim!  One in the plaid, and one in the lining.  I attached a ruffle from the black sateen to the lining so that it would perfectly frame her little face while she was wearing it.
She wandered over to check out the giant snowman (well, to her anyway!) that my kids had made.  His "eyes" and buttons are actual buttons from my stash.  Do my kids know how fortunate they are to have a mother that's a seamstress?!
Here's a better picture of my two youngest which shows that the snowman isn't a giant afterall...
Enjoy this beautiful day no matter what kind of weather you're having!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! So glad I popped over here. It has been awhile since I have done anything with my blog. I have missed visiting you! I'm hoping to try to get my blog caught up in the coming weeks. Happy New year! :o)

    1. Thank you! And yes, you should post something new...I love visiting your blog, too!

  2. As always, I love to see the beautiful creations you come up with!! So gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks, Marlina! I love to see all of your pretty dolly things as well!

  3. Oh how lovely Cecile's new dress is. I love your interpretation of this pattern. The perspective added by the snowman pictures is delightful.

  4. Thanks again! I love sewing historical outfits best. I have so many historical patterns that I've collected over the years--I really need to sew more of them!