Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Still Here...and Still Sewing!

I have so many things I want to post about...but for some reason, life has just gotten so busy lately!  I've added new dolls to my collection, found awesome thrift store deals, and started sewing for the dolls again after a bit of a break.  I just listed the above two outfits on Ebay this evening, and figured that while I was still sitting at my computer, I may as well blog about them, too.
For the first time in like ever, I purchased some cute Christmas fabric with the express purpose of turning it into holiday themed clothing for the dolls.
Here is Rebecca, modeling the first ensemble.
Her cardigan is upcycled from an adult sweater.  I created my own pattern and after a couple of trial and errors, I think I got the fit just right!  It closes in front with a snap under a pretty silk flower.
I thought this fabric was so adorable with it's snowy, winter-wonderland scene and Santa flying in his sled across the sky.  I love the blue/red/white combination.  The fabric has a shimmery glitter that's hard to capture in the photos, but is so elegant in person.
Isn't that lamp post just the cutest?  Even though it leans a little, I knew it had to come home with me when I found it at the Goodwill the other day.  What a perfect prop for the dolls!
The dress closes in back with snaps under decorative buttons.
I also made a coordinating hair bow to compliment the outfit.
Marie Grace's outfit
Her cardigan is also upcycled from a woman's sweater.  It is a silk/cotton blend and feels so soft.
The gingerbread fabric was actually part of a border print.  I carefully cut out the strip and stitched it to the red dot fabric.
I added a narrow, white band of trim between the hem band and the gingerbread house fabric.  Kind of like piping, but easier.
I got brave and removed Marie Grace's tiny side braids for the first time.  GASP!  Her hair is no longer in it's original set.   I'm kind of a rebel like that.
Looking so cute together!  I listed both of these outfits on Ebay tonight (seller name dotsydoodle).  The auction ends on Sunday evening.  This is the first time in a long time that I've listed doll clothes to sell on Ebay.  So we'll see how that goes.  I really do love how these outfits came out, so I won't be horribly disappointed if they don't sell.  However, it would be nice if they do since I'd like to get back into sewing and selling again for dolls.
I can't believe it's almost December.  Seriously?  Where has the past year gone?!


  1. Really cute outfits. Love the sweaters.... Candy

    1. Thanks, Candy! I listed the outfits on Ebay, but while they had lots of watchers, they never sold. I'm not sad, though! I still have my dolls dressed in them (even though it's past Christmas!)and enjoy looking at them every day.