Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Simplicity 1244 and American Girl KIT

Today I finished up this pattern for the American Girl doll, Kit, that my daughter received for Christmas:
Simplicity 1244--I made view A, in the center.
I matched the sleeve cuffs to the center bodice fabric, and omitted the ties at the waist.
I also lined the bodice instead of using a neck facing or bias trim, because I think it just looks nicer with a lining.
The pattern also calls for the collars to come all the way around to the back and get sewed down into the back seam.  What???  Who ever heard of a peter pan collar doing that?  So I cut them shorter and rounded the back edges.  I also edged them with a darling piping.  The dress closes with snaps under decorative, yellow buttons.  I really don't like Velcro on doll clothing, so I rarely use it for my own dolls.  My favorite closures are buttons and buttonholes, but this wasn't possible since MY SEWING MACHINE BROKE on Christmas Eve.  Right in the middle of putting my son's quilt together.  Did I mention that already in my last post?  I can't remember.  It's really been quite traumatic.  I do have a back up machine, but it's older and doesn't have an automatic buttonholer.  So I am relegated to "making do" with snaps as fasteners until I get my machine back. 
Here is the waffle maker that I acquired along with Kit.  It is metal and porcelain and heavy and oh, so adorable.
Just look at the waffles inside!  They can be removed from the iron.
And how cute is the plug?  It looks so real that I had to convince my 5 year old that it could NOT be really plugged into an outlet. 
Part of the waffle maker set includes this porcelain plate along with another waffle and a dollop of whipped cream on top.  There are also two sprigs of Christmas greenery to use as decoration.  This entire set is just too cute.  Pleasant company really outdid themselves with some of their earlier accessories.
Here is Kit's typewriter.  The keys actually press down, and the little thingy (I don't know what it's called) that types the letters onto the paper actually works!  You can even move the carriage back and forth.  It doesn't actually print (there's no typewriter ribbon), but everything moves like a real typewriter would function.
The stationary set that goes along with the typewriter.  How stinkin' cute is that eraser???  I remember my mother using one of those when I was a child.
Kit's lunch pail set
Another adorable set.  The pail is metal, and all the little food pieces and napkin can be packed away inside.
This is the earliest version of Coconut.  He is heavy, kind of like a paperweight.  The first run of these pets was called "he".  A year later they were called "she" and also had a magnet added under their nose so they could hold a toy bone.  Mine does not have the magnet.  He also comes with his little pet bed and cushion.
A sweet friend from my doll club sold me her daughter's Kit doll and all the above mentioned accessories.  Her daughter received Kit the year she came out, back in 2000.  Kit was the first doll manufactured by Mattel once they took over Pleasant Co, so she was kind of a transitional doll.  The back of my Kit's neck is marked "Pleasant Company" in super tiny, raised, writing.  I'd never seen such tiny writing used on the American Girls before.  I would take a picture of it, but it's so hard to see in real life, that I don't think I could get a decent photo of it.
I had always wanted to add Kit to my collection.  I love her clothing, her accessories, and her cute, bobbed haircut.  By the way, her hair is super shiny and soft.  She has the shiniest, smoothest hair out of all my AG dolls.  Have you seen her kitchen stove and canning accessories?
1930's stove--I want this so bad!  It is a retired item, so the only way to obtain it is on the secondary market.
The produce and preserves set that goes along with the stove
Kit's wash day set--this would be so cute to set up on a shelf in my laundry room, don't you think?
I also love this Glassware and Linens set.  I have a weakness for tiny doll dishes and silverware.
Kit has so many wonderful accessories--hunting for them is so much fun.  Someday I hope to add these retired items to my (ahem, I mean my daughter's) Kit collection!


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