Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Dress for a Gebruder Heubach 10532 Antique Doll

A dear, elderly friend once asked if I could create a dress for her antique doll, a Gebruder Heubach 10532.  I have had this doll in my possession for at least four months.  Shameful, right?  I felt so bad every time my patient friend asked about her!  Yesterday, I finally decided to tackle the project.
My friend gave me a lady's pink, cotton gauze skirt in which to cut up for the doll's dress.  Her only real request was that the dress be a "drop-waist".
It took me the better part of several hours to draft the bodice pattern.  I knew I wanted tucks, so that's what the took the longest in the drafting.  Once that was completed, the dress went together fairly quickly.  I especially love how the two-part sleeves turned out, and they only took me one try to get them right!
At first, I was going to add lace underneath each tuck, but then I decided on machine feather stitching instead.  I love how it turned out.
The bodice is completely lined and closes in back with snaps.  There are two skirts, each edged with vintage lace.
The bow wasn't part of my original design, but after I finished the dress, it just felt like it needed something more.  It is secured to the dress with a safety pin so that it can be easily removed, if necessary.
Please excuse her wonky-looking doll stand wasn't quite tall enough for this doll and it caused her leg to stick out a a funny angle.  She is really a pretty girl, and quite a rare mold number.  She stands about 24" tall on a composition body.  I am anxious to deliver her to my friend and see her reaction.  I sure she has probably given up on me!


  1. It is beautiful and perfect! Wow, you did an excellent job!! Your friend will love it!!

    1. Thanks, Marlina! Have you done any sewing recently? Let's make sure to hit Fabric Depot this month!

  2. Not in the last few days, but wanting to! And yes, Fabric Depot! I need to look on my ad and see when it is!