Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Friday, November 2, 2012


We don't "celebrate" Halloween.  No witches, evil characters, or celebrating anything gory.  However, my kids, like probably every other kid, love to dress up.  For us, it's all about the costumes and the candy!
So every year since my oldest was about three (almost 21 years ago!) I have made them costumes.  We have NEVER resorted to a store-bought concoction.  I enjoy making costumes that are sturdy and will hold up for hundreds of hours of make-believe play throughout the years.  That said, I haven't made a new costume for several years now.  As each Halloween comes around, the kids dip into the dress-up box and see what might fit them.
I had thought I was going to have to sew a new costume for this one since we couldn't find anything that fit.  But at the last minute, her older sister remembered the 1950's poodle skirt which I had made several years ago that was hiding at the back of their closet.  We paired it with her daddy's letterman's jacket and voila!  Instant 50's girl.
"Daniel Boone" has been a favorite for many years now.  The coon skin cap is really made from fake fur.
Notice the pillowcase he's clutching?  I used to make matching trick-or-treat bags for each costume, too, but the kids envisioned collecting more candy than the bags could hold, so they opted for pillowcases instead!
My little "Indian".  Isn't he just the cutest?  This is third of my sons to have worn this costume.  It's still a little roomy on him, and I had to temporarily hem up the pants (with masking tape!) about 6 inches so he wouldn't trip on them. 
Both his and the Daniel Boon costume are made from a fake suede material.
My little froggie!  I made this for son #4 when he was a little guy, so she is now the third child to wear it.  It is made from a nice, soft, corduroy.  The collar used to have little jingle bells attached at each point, but I noticed this year that they were missing.  Hmmm.  Some little person must have pulled them off.  I'll have to fix that.
It makes me a little sad to think that this is the last time any of my kids will ever wear this costume, since next year, she will be too big for it.  I suppose I'll have to pack it away for future grandkids!
Besides the costumes, this is what it's all about...the CANDY! 
My 50's girl and Daniel Boone went trick-or-treating with the neighbor kids, but my two youngest were escorted by their oldest brother and his girlfriend.  Since Jackson still has a cast and can't walk, he enjoyed being carried the entire way.  Sophie, on the other hand, ran from house to house, the excitement of filling her bag with candy spurring her on!  (This picture was taken after the costumes had come off, and son and his girlfriend were getting ready to leave.)
So now, suffice it to say, there are candy wrappers everywhere.  I pretty much just let everybody eat their candy until it's gone.  I find it's easier that way than trying to ration it out, and constantly having someone begging me for candy.  When it's gone, it's gone.
And speaking of gone, I'll leave you with this image which was fading quickly by the time I noticed it and could grab my camera.  Such a beautiful reminder of our creator.

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  1. These are great! I've always loved the costumes you made for your kids. This year was the first our younger ones did not go trick-or-treating. They are too old now. We handed out candy to FOUR kids, and then went and saw "Brave".