Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey

Friday, August 24, 2012

A New Project...

I want to make this quilt:
It is from this book:
Last summer, my daughter-in-law requested a queen-sized quilt for her new bed.  And because I like to quilt, I eagerly agreed.  We visited the fabric store and she picked out the main fabric and a flannel for the back--everything else came from my stash.  I started that quilt with great enthusiasm, and admired it's beauty when I had the top completely pieced together.  But then it came time to sandwich all four layers together (yes, I said four layers, because I decided to use two layers of cotton batting for extra warmth), and I almost cried.  Trying to machine quilt a queen-sized quilt with four layers on a standard sewing machine was one of the most difficult and frustrating things I had ever tried.  But I did it.  And when it was done, it was a thing of beauty.  But I never wanted to sew another quilt again for a very long time.  Now, since finishing son #4's quilt, I have once again been inspired to sew a quilt for my bed.  I bought the fabric ages ago and set it aside, waiting for the perfect time.  Well, I think that time has finally come.  I am ready once again to wrestle copious amounts of fabric under a machine not meant for that purpose.  But I know it can be done!
Here is the fabric.  The rose print will be the main blocks, and the other fabrics will make up the rest of the quilt.  Again, every single one of these fabrics comes from my stash/hoard.  I even have the flannel for the back. The only thing I don't have is the cotton batting.   One of these days, I will take a picture of my attic space where I keep all my fabric boxes so you can get a visual of just how much fabric I really have.  It's a little bit embarrassing.  Which is why I have severely restricted myself on bringing in any new fabric, and am focusing on using up as much as possible of what I already own.  Even my daughter has been visiting my fabric boxes quite frequently, making quilts and tote bags and headbands.  Yet my boxes are still full to overflowing!
I have started cutting the bazillion pieces needed, and hopefully will start assembling some blocks by this evening.  Stay tuned!

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